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So it isn’t a surprise that there are some major pros and cons of doing it yourself. When you choose a host, make sure that it’s one that lets you scale up your resources as you need. Most hosts that offer VPSs will be able to accommodate your viewers.

As most OTT platforms are white-labeled, your platform is completely branded so that your customers will never know that it’s a third-party provider. Video is one of the most potent marketing channels on earth—86% of businesses use video to bring in new customers and sell their products. As a founder of a budding start-up, it has been a great experience working with Mindbower Inc under Ayush’s leadership for our online digital platform design and development activity.


Users may want to keep an eye on their website load speeds, as an independent audit found InMotion Hosting to have a server response speed of 1,168ms. Dreamhost offers all three types of hosting that are most useful https://globalcloudteam.com/ for streaming — VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting. If that doesn’t meet your needs, A2 Hosting also offers both managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting, letting you scale your server to your exact specifications.

If you upload a video to YouTube , YouTube takes care of all that automatically. Additionally, you can’t control who sees it, and have little control over other aspects (e.g., you can’t choose specific pre-roll ad). But you will still want to have a large storage capacity on your main server. If a site like YouTube won’t allow something because it’s copyrighted , your web host will probably have the same opinion. In some cases, it really is best to use one of these sites to upload content and simply paste an embed code on your website. Over the last decade, streaming sites have sprung up all over the web.

If your hosting provider doesn’t offer media streaming, you could use a third party CDN to bridge the gap. There’s nothing more frustrating than a video or audio track that continually stops and starts. If your goal is to provide streaming media, your server needs to be constantly online. If media disappears halfway through streaming, it’s going to frustrate people, and users are unlikely to revisit the site.

Pros & Cons Of Mochahost Streaming Hosting

Container formats contain an encoded video and audio track in a single file. Furthermore, there are several available plans for each type of hosting. Common features among all hosting plans include unlimited free SSL certificates, SSD storage, a 100% uptime guarantee, and a price guarantee for future account renewals. For those who need more resources or want more control over their servers, LiquidWeb also offers dedicated and cloud hosting services. With these types of hosting, users also have the option to choose a Linux or Windows operating system.

If you make changes to a video, you can simply replace it on your site if you’re hosting it yourself. If you were on YouTube, your video rankings, comments, and stats would be wiped out. When you upload content to a third-party site like YouTube or Vimeo, you waive some rights. On our blog, we’ve referred to the CDN as a game-changing technology for hosting. For anything more complex, such as streaming Flash video, you’ll need something like FFMpeg instead. In these cases, you should seriously consider a content delivery network .

The backbone of LiquidWeb’s customer base is small and medium-sized businesses, so they are an ideal choice if you plan on streaming a lot of content from your business’s website. We analyzed hundreds of hosting companies and selected those with the required speed, performance, scalability, uptime, and overall value. Now, many website builders on the market have basic tools to showcase videos, but they lack the features needed to optimize and monetize content. This is the job of a purpose-built video platform—a tool that has video website templates, SEO features, and different ways to monetize content under one roof. Along with the optimization of page content and libraries, the use of CDN also ensures that the application has a faster load time.

Now that we have video streaming working, we need to build a web application to manage the streams. I’m using Django and Python 3, but any web framework will work. So now you have fully grasped the challenge of creating an application like that of Twitch.

how to create streaming website

The idea behind a content distribution network is to put content as close as possible to the users. When the user requests a video, the app will find the nearest server with the video. The most significant benefits of CDN are speed and reliability. By moving the video source as close as possible to the people watching it, the viewing experience will be much faster and reliable.

Pros & Cons Of Hostgator Streaming Hosting

Key features that come with all HostPapa VPS plans include two IP addresses, root level access, a Softaculous license and an SSL certificate. HostPapa protects customers with firewalls, brute force detection, regular security updates, and more. Depending on the user, GreenGeeks biggest selling point may well be their eco-consciousness. However, this does come at a price, as their monthly costs are among the highest of the companies on our list. This also gets users an excellent 99.975% uptime, according to an independent audit, but GreenGeeks does not offer any dedicated hosting solutions.

For the most flexibility with resources, users can choose between HostGator’s VPS or dedicated hosting plans. With VPS hosting, users can get up to 8 GB RAM and 240 GB disk space; all VPS plans include unmetered bandwidth. Those who need even more resources can select one of HostGator’s three dedicated server options, for up to 30 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD storage. Dedicated server users can also choose between Linux and Windows operating systems. Live video streaming apps and services continue to gain traction in social media and as a collaboration tool.

Just upload videos, and they’ll be stored in your database, ready to publish to your site. Don’t be intimidated about making quality videos to put on your website. Thanks to templates and smarter editing tools, even video novices can now create and publish high-quality videos in a short amount of time. Once you have designed your website, it’s time to fill it with quality content.

When launching a video website, the first decision you need to make is what platform you’ll use to host and store your content. You should optimize the app’s performance for border cases like low internet speed or for people with limited access. Sometimes, the code is so complicated that only the original developer can maintain it. With scalable apps, you have the flexibility to hand it off to other developers.

  • Among all of the web hosting companies we reviewed, SiteGround ranked highly for server response speeds, with a time of 534ms, according to an independent audit.
  • Over the last decade, streaming sites have sprung up all over the web.
  • These features will make your code flexible and keep your app running smoothly.
  • Webinars, live meetings, school and university lessons all of them are on the internet platform.
  • Depending upon live event streaming, time duration and large storage you have to choose the correct streaming platform according to your needs.
  • If your goal is to provide video or audio-on-demand to your site’s users, you need streaming hosting.
  • If you are publishing streaming media on your website, you need to select a web host that not only supports this type of content, but does it well.

You can even add music at this stage by uploading MP3, MP4, WMA, ADTS, OGG, WAV, or WAVE files and overlaying them over the video to make it more appealing. One needs to plan for different users and their access, such as admin, video owner, partners, moderators, etc. Along with this, you also need to look into the multi-currency requirements too if you want to build your own streaming platform to run worldwide. With the availability of various types of content ranging from entertainment to education to fitness, it becomes essential to create a differentiator with a specific niche.

VPS users get a Personal Consultant, who acts as a point-of-contact and server expert during regular business hours. They also offer 24/7 standard support to help with issues that occur outside of regular business hours. If dedicated hosting is better suited to your needs, Ionos offers four different dedicated hosting plans, with up to 64 GB of RAM and 800 GB of SSD storage. If you need even more resources, you can opt for one of InMotion Hosting’s three pre-made dedicated hosting plans, or customize your own dedicated server.

Technology Stacks Used By Streaming Services

A key drawback, however, is that they do not yet offer SSD storage, despite this quickly becoming an industry standard. For customers who want to host streaming media on their site, there are two options available from iPage – VPS or dedicated hosting. Some key elements you should look for when choosing a streaming host are solid-state drives , content delivery networks , scalable architecture, and reliable uptime. The other big win for hosting content on a purpose-built video platform is that it’s focused on monetizing content.

Live streaming is the most used and fastest growing method, offering individuals and companies a direct path to reaching and capturing followers in real time. As a consequence, there are a variety of live video streaming apps, from free social networks to advanced video production and collaboration platforms. If you want a scalable, managed hosting solution, you can choose from four VPS hosting plans, which give users up to 8 GB RAM and 240 GB SSD storage.

how to create streaming website

The next very important component here is the addition of features and functionality of the video streaming service. Every most important feature needs to be added so that the app stands in the best possible position in the competitive market. Adding more content customization features and securing the channels would make the streaming service more wanted and popular after development. You can check out the best twitch app development company here for further details.

Compare Hosting For Video And Audio Streaming

You need to pay very close attention to the design of the platform and should be using the most trendy UI or UX design elements to make them look more modern and attractive. The usability of the website is based on these visual elements too. The streamer makes the choice of using which device for the streaming purposes. So the major task here is just to make sure the streaming is of high quality and is compatible with any device used by the user. For this, there is a need of using licensed technologies that could ensure the compatibility and high quality of the live streaming application. If you would like to test our Jitsi based real-time video streaming solution, pleasecontact usand we will prepare a dedicated testing environment for you within 48 hours.

Is A Cdn Right For You?

When building a live video streaming app, the first question you should ask yourself is whether you would prefer a self-hosted or a 3rd party ready-made solution. Since Namecheap started out as a domain name registrar, it’s not surprising that they are generous with domains, letting users register up to three for free. Namecheap offers both managed and unmanaged hosting with VPS and dedicated hosting. No matter which type of hosting you choose, all Dreamhost plans support HTTP media streaming, and their website includes easy instructions for how to set up streaming on your website.

Hiring a great team of developers and designers could help you to just focus on the end product as every other element will be readily taken care of. Scheduling streams at least one week before makes broadcasters very well prepared. So they can have clear how to create streaming website cut ideas of what needs to be done during live video streaming. Viewers can experience the same emotions as if they are watching a webinar or live sports event. Cost is probably the biggest thing that stops people from doing their own streaming.


Among the hosts we reviewed, Dreamhost’s server response speeds are the fastest, based on an independent audit. Their 97-day trial period is also one of the longest among the companies on this list. One potential con of Dreamhost is that they use their own custom control panel, instead of cPanel. The other option Bluehost provides is dedicated servers, which give users up to 1 TB mirrored storage, 16 GB RAM, and 15 TB bandwidth.

One of the best features of streaming your own content is your ability to control that content. Additionally, your server must specifically support the streaming technology that you want to use. Before audio or video can be streamed, it must be read from a file on disk. Although you won’t need as much storage as you do bandwidth, you still will need a fairly large allotment. You need sufficient bandwidth to handle massive amounts of data flowing from your host to your users, and the flexibility to cope with spikes in demand.

Their team has developed apps in all different industries with all types of social proofs. Mindbowser was very helpful with explaining the development process and started quickly on the project. We’ve had very little-to-no hiccups at all—it’s been a really pleasurable experience. We had very close go live timeline and MindBowser team got us live a month before. Mindbowser helped us build an awesome iOS app to bring balance to people’s lives. EBook Learn indepth about process and product development through our ebooks.

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